Quick Review: MARCHEN Color Bean Cleanser | Charis

Products just keeps on getting interesting and interesting these days and today’s product is in that category.  First, this cleanser is in a bean form unlike the regular cleanser that is in a liquid, balm, gel or foam type. Second, this cleanser is an all in one cleanser because you can use this in your face, hair and even your body! And lastly, when you buy this product it will contain different types of cleansing actives.

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This color beans is from the brand CNKCOS which is a Korean brand with the slogan ‘Let’s make cosmetics that everybody can use but haven’t ever seen nowhere.’

The color beans contains four (4) different beans and every bean has a different actives such as:

  • PINK BEAN: has ascorbic acid that makes the skin radiant and luminous. As a shampoo this can help you have a healthy scalp since it is rich in Vitamin C and E.
  • BLUE BEAN: contains blueberry extract that help with enlarge pores and as a shampoo it will give you a refreshing feeling and moisture to the scalp.
  • BLACK BEAN: has Centella Asiatica is good for those acne prone skin because of its healing properties. As a shampoo this is best for those with oily scalp
  • GREEN BEAN: contains green tea and aloe extract that is good for soothing the skin and scalp.

Since this cleanser is in just one plastic bottle they all have the same sweet scent to it which I personally don’t like especially as a cleanser.

As a cleanser, 1 bean is too much for my face but as a shampoo with my thick hair; I ended up using 3 bean in one bath.

The beans are all non-stripping cleanser and would really give you a moisturizing feeling. My favorite cleanser among the beans is the PINK BEAN because it really did give an instant brightening effect which I totally loved and the GREEN BEAN because it did sooth my skin when it was so irritated.

For the shampoo, I liked the BLUE BEAN because it made my hair soft however I wish it had more of that cooling effect. I also liked the BLACK BEAN since it made my scalp less oily.

These beans are good for those travelling because it is easy to pack and at the same time you get 3 kinds of product (cleanser, shampoo and soap) in one bottle. This could have been like a zero waste product if the bottle was a glass instead of plastic.

Overall, it was super fun using this bean cleanser. I would really recommend this product.







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