Review: Centellian 24 Medeca Cream Vs. Charis M+Medecassoside Cica Cream

The day has come that I can finally share my thoughts about this two cream. If you are a bit lost as to why I sound like this is a big deal, well because I have always wanted to compare these two since I think that they have some similarities. Centellian 24 Medeca Cream was the talk of the town late last year until early this year since it was raved by popular YouTubers here in the Philippines. Meanwhile, the Charis M+ Cream is a relatively new product that is slowly getting the attention of skincare enthusiast.

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This review will tackle the similarities and differences of the two creams and ultimately give my final thoughts as to what cream I would recommend. Before I start, I just want to address it already that we all have different skin condition and preference. This review is just a guide to those who want to also know the difference between the two creams.


CENTELLIAN 24:  Php 1,250/ 50ml

CHARIS M+:  Php 1,190/50ml


Both products came in a box and the cream itself is in a tube. Product description of both creams are in English but other details is in Hangul. However, all the necessary product information can be found on the CHARIS app.

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I’m only going to discuss the notable ingredients of the two creams and the ingredients I find the need to discuss on.

Both creams contain Cica or also known as Centella Asiatica. Cica is known to help heal acne, improves skin elasticity and improves oil balance. However, CENTELLIAN 24 contains Titrated extract which means it is a reconstituted mixture of different acids such as asiatic acid, madecassic acid and, asiaticoside that helps in the regenerating damaged skin. The M+ Cream  contains Centella asiatica leaf extract(584,000 ppm) and not TECA.

Aside from CICA these creams also contain these following ingredients:

CENTELLIAN 24:  This has a lot of essential oils that a sensitive skin should look out for. This also has Shea butter that I know people avoid in their skincare product because of the notion that it could clogged pores. There are studies showing that it does and some say it doesn’t but again it really depends on what your skin can tolerate. Personally, I do avoid it since clogged pores has always been my main skin concern and I think there is a better substitute for Shea butter in skincare.

CHARIS M+: This cream has niacinamide that is good in treating acne. It also has dimethicone which is a silicon based ingredient that is used as smoothing agent, this is used in skincare products because moisturizes the skin without that heavy feeling. However this cream has added fragrance that some users might not like.


CENTELLIAN 24:  I was really expecting a lot from this cream since every popular YouTuber I know loves this. This cream just feels so heavy and thick on my face that I got   disappointed since I am and will never be a huge fan of those type of cream. I have to change some products on my routine when I added this because my face just feels extra tacky after applying a layer of this onto my skin. Aside from that, I did  I also got worried when white heads started popping out of my nose. I do feel that this cream clogged my pores. Going pass that those issues, this cream did helped heal my acne. I was having a bad breakout and this cream helped calm them down and I was really shocked to see that result.

CHARIS M+:  I have discussed in my previous posts that I love this cream. This cream is just light weight and doesn’t leave a tacky feeling. It gets absorb by the skin quickly and leaves my face looking healthy. This has been my go to moisturizer for those reasons. This didn’t helped with my acne but it was never advertised to be like that so I have no issues with that

Top: Centellian 24 cream// Bottom: Charis M+ Cream


The CENTELLIAN 24 would have been a good cream if it wasn’t tacky and pore clogging. The effects of this cream to my acne was really good that I have decide to use this as SPOT TREATMENT for my acne. I am not layering this onto my skin for the reason that I am afraid that it will clogged my pores again on my nose.

I love the CHARIS M+ cream as a moisturizer and I am not really depending on it for healing my acne. This cream just really hydrates my skin.

CENTELLIAN 24 & CHARIS M+ looked as if they do the same thing but in my reality, it doesn’t. They both have different uses in my routine but my love for the CHARIS M+ cream is special because it is rare for me to fall in love with a moisturizer.

So will I recommend both? I would definitely recommend the CHARIS M+ Cream  for those looking for a good hydrating cream. However, I have doubts on recommending the CENTELLIAN 24 cream especially for sensitive skin since it has some essential oils and also the fact that the cream is too heavy and tacky for those with oily skin type.

Again, this is base on my personal experience and preferences. Just like any skincare product, what works for me might not work for you and vice versa. Nonetheless, I hope that this post helped you in any way.


CHARIS M+ Cream:

CENTELLIAN 24 cream:


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