Mask Review:Elizavecca Power Ringer Mask Pack (Collagen Deep, Aqua Deep & Red Ginseng Deep)

It’s time for another sheet mask review! I can’t remember when was the last time I posted a mask review but I do use it at least thrice a week it’s just that I haven’t found a sheet mask worth reviewing. However, today I’m going to share my thoughts about these Elizavecca sheet mask.


I first heard about Elizavecca when their bubble clay mask went viral. Elizavecca is a Korean brand established on 2011. They are loved for having high-quality unique products. They have all the skincare product you need in your routine but for today I’m just going to share my thoughts about their sheet mask and publish more product review from the brand in the future.


This said mask has 10 variants that targets different skincare concern.


The sheet itself is thin which I actually like because it adheres more into the face and typically it feels like you don’t have anything on your face. The size of the sheet itself is too big for my face which explains why the holes on the eyes are not properly placed. Even though the sheet is thin, it doesn’t tear easily and it is easy to unfold.


The sheet mask comes in a typical sheet mask packaging however some product details at the back of the packaging is in Korean. The sheet mask doesn’t come with a plastic or another sheet but again it is easy to unfold.


This has niacinamide that is really good in hydrating the skin. This has a perfume like scent to it that I don’t mind however, those with sensitive skin might not like the added fragrance. This mask made my skin feel really hydrated and supple after using. It left a slight tacky finish but it was manageable.

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This also has niacinamide, red ginseng and with hazel extract. This really has a strong herb scent to it but becomes unnoticed when I already put the sheet on my face. This mask gave me brightening effect when I woke up however, this one left a tacky feeling.

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This has portulaca oleracea extract that is rich in vitamins, whitch hazel extract and other fruit extracts. This sheet mask gave me a slight stingy sensation on my upper lip which happens to be the most sensitive part of my face but it was tolerable and it didn’t leave any redness or any other reaction. This sheet mask me a supple looking face the next day.

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These sheet mask are great for everyday sheet masking. They are all very hydrating and the sheet itself feels really good. These masks are also soaked with essence so you really get a lot of product for it’s price.

I would love to try out the other 6 remaining variant of their power ringer sheet mask because they all looked promising.


Roseanne ❤




Product was sent by ELIZAVECCA for review purposes
All pictures are mine unless otherwise stated
Opinions are 100% honest to goodness
What works for me might not work for you and vice versa

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