Quick Review: Soon+ 5.5 Balancing Emulsion | Charis

In the famous 10 step Korean skincare routine,applying emulsions is part of that routine. Emulsions basically is like a moisturizer but it is light weight, non-sticky and water based. They provide an extra boost of moisture to the skin and helps maintain a healthy skin barrier. Unfortunately, not all emulsions are like that, I have tried emulsions that are just too thick and even pore clogging.



SOON+ is a Korean brand that was launched by Amorpacific in 1988 with the goal of creating a derma like skincare brand for Asian woman.

The Key ingredient of this emulsion is probiotic water which is a plant based water that helps strength skin barrier and helps regain the skin’s natural healthy condition. Aside from that, this also has Allantoin that makes the skin feel softer; relives dryness and Red berry peptide that helps reduce the skin’s irritation.

I was kinda skeptic in trying this out since I have tried a very thick and tacky emulsions before and I just didn’t want to deal with emulsions after that. But good thing I did try this because it made me change my mind about emulsions.

This has a very creamy texture like and has a milky white color to it. One thing I don’t like is the scent, I don’t know how to perfectly describe it but it has really a weird scent to it.

This emulsion is really light weight and it does turn into a water like texture when applied into the skin. It gets absorb by my skin quickly and it doesn’t leave a tacky feeling. Every time I include this on my routine, I just skip my moisturizer since this one already gives me that moisture I need.





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