Hey Blog #61: I attended the EXplOration in Manila Day 2

This is a long overdue post and it has been awhile since I posted in my Hey Blog segment but here I am finally sitting down to talk about my first ever K-pop concert.



If you are following me on Instagram, then you probably know that I am a huge EXO fan. well, I just started “stanning” them last year but it doesn’t matter because what matters the most is that I love and support them.


When EXplOration in Korea was finally announced, I know that they will also have a tour here but what I didn’t expect was that it will be held on August 24. We just had around 3 weeks to save up for it and mind you that concerts here in the Philippines is much more expensive than any other Asian countries. I was already expecting not to attend the concert since I really have no funds but my parents were there to save the day! They gifted me and my sister a concert ticket and I will forever be grateful.

Before the concert, ticketing was also so crazy! We literally lined up for a day just to get the ticket. I really never imagined myself lining up for 24hrs just to get tickets but it is EXO so it was super worth it. It was also so great to meet new friends during the ticketing line up.


During the actual concert day, there were so many fan support by EXO-Ls. They were giving fan art, stickers, banners and other things related to Exo for FREE! It was so awesome how generous Exo-ls are. I also bought some unofficial goodies from the sellers in MoA meanwhile my sister bought some cheering kits from Korean fansites.

We were seated in the Upper Box section but it was a good seat since we were in the first row and we could still see all angle in that seat. I promised myself not to use my phone too much during the concert since I just really wanted to enjoy it. I wanted to be in the moment rather than watch them in my phone.

Exo-ls were so loud in cheering all the members especially their solos. I went wild during Suho’s BEEN THROUGH performance and during Baekhyun’s UN Village. Those two solos were my favorite! Chen’s LIGHT OUT was so so relaxing, it really feels like an angel is singing. Kai’s CONFESSION performance was so hot and EXO-SC (Sehun and Chanyeol) WHAT A LIFE  and CLOSER TO YOU made everyone in the arena dance.


Even though they were just 6 since Xuimin and Kyungsoo is in the military, it was still an awesome concert. I literally didn’t want to come home and felt a little emotionally seeing them leave. I really don’t know when I will see them again but I am really grateful that I was able to see them perform live.

Truly, this is one of the best day of my life and I am really happy that I also got to spend it with my sister who is also an Exo-l.


You can watch my concert haul and the UN Village fancam on my YouTube channel.



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