Quick Review: Glowberry Moist Vitafresh Essence Toner | Charis

The beauty industry, specifically the skincare community, has an endless choice of products, and every day I get to discover new brands. Glowberry is a brand founded by researchers who had previously produce top products for Amorepacific. Glowberry offers sheet masks, creams, and mist, but today I’m here to review their Essence, Toner.


The Moist Vitafresh Essence Toner contains Vitamin B5 Panthenol that restores tired and stressed skin, Vitamin B3 Niacinamide that can help with uneven skin tone and also make pores less visible aside from that one of the star ingredient of this essence toner is that this has TREHALOSE, Trehalose is a sugar commonly found in plants, this can help hydrate the skin.

This essence toner is in a plastic pump bottle and has 150ml product.


  • This essence toner has a slight milky scent to it and has a light creamy texture to it.
  • I was surprised when my skin quickly absorbed the essence toner! It feels really light on the skin too.
  • My skin feels really feel moisturized after and it doesn’t leave a tacky feeling after.

This has been my go-to toner for the days I feel too tired to layer out products because I just feel that my skin receives enough nutrients by just using this product. This is also excellent for those with dry skin because it will help hydrate and protect your skin barrier.

You can get this at my CHARIS SHOP







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