The Best Cica Cream (For Me)

Cica or Centella Asiatica is now a popular ingredient for skincare products. Cica is also known as tiger’s grass because it said that when there is a wounded tiger, it would roll on a Cica grass to heal the wounds. Cica is rich in anti-oxidants that can help fight radical damage from UV rays. This can also help those suffering from acne because it can help heal acne and prevent other blemishes.

This year, I have discovered that Cica is truly amazing. My skin got better and better after incorporating Cica creams in my routine. I know there is a lot more cica creams out there that I have yet to try but for now, I declare that the best Cica cream I have tried is the CHARIS MADECASSOSIDEĀ 



The Charis cream is so moisturizing and at the same helped in making my skin smoother. I also love how it light the cream is and how it doesn’t leave a tacky feeling.

If you love the Madeca cream, you’ll love the Charis cream more. The thing about the Madeca cream is just it feels too heavy and thick that is why I just use it for spot treatment.

The Madeca 21 cream is a good cream too and leaves a silky velvet finish but the hydrating property of the Charis cream is just perfect for every skin type.


Just in case you are interested in the CHARIS CREAM, you can get it in my Charis shop.

I only HYPED products I think is worth hyping
This is my 100% honest review and opinion





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