Acne Buster-My top 3 acne healing product

My skin type is usually oily, and my skin concern has always been my acne and pores, that is why I always have anti-acne or acne healing products on my stash. These three products are my favorite product to use when I have breakouts.


A. STOP Clear Face and Body Toner

  • Not only do I suffer from acne on my face but I also have acne on my chest and back, with that being said, this toner helps calm down the acne, and I like that it comes in a spray bottle as it is easier to apply to the body.

ALTHEA Skin Relief Spot Film Gel

  • This is what I use to spot treat some of my acne. I like how it dries fast and leaves a film-like texture.

CHARIS M+ Cica Cream

  • This is on my Holy Grail list. This is such a light and very hydrating cream. It doesn’t leave a tacky or greasy feeling after. It helps calm down the acne since it is packed with the Cica goodness

I also like using the COSRX pimple patch, and whenever I have a bad break out, I go use a clay mask. If you are suffering from acne, try to look for products rich in Cica and or tea tree. My skin personally does better with Cica, that is why I always have products with Cica in my stash.

You can get the Charis Cream and A. Stop Toner on my Charis Shop if you guys are interested in also trying it out.




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