Quick Review: Sevendrops Soapwort Bubble Purifying soap Facial Foam & Miracle Cleansing Brush

Ever heard of soapwort before? I only first heard it when I saw the Sevendrops cleanser and brush, so I did some research and found out that SOAPWORT is a plant of the pink family, it has an aromatic scent that was commonly used in making soaps. Some of the benefits of soapwort includes fighting dark spots and aging; it also has a soothing property. It is also very rich in vitamin C and Flavanoids.


This soapwort cleanser is created by a Korean cosmetic company; SEVEN DROPS. Seven drops uses authentic certified essential oils and natural ingredients with scarcity value. They currently have only a handful of products that includes a cleanser, toner, emulsion, and cream. Aside from that, they also have a skincare cleansing device named miracle cleansing brush. 

Soapwort Bubble Purifying Soap Facial Foam

I’m just going to make this short and direct, and tell you guys that this foam didn’t work for me. It felt very stripping and would leave a very squeaky clean feeling. It wasn’t moisturizing at all, and my face felt even drier when I used this foam together with the cleansing brush. I was excited to try this because I was intrigued by the main ingredient but, it is what it is.

Miracle Cleansing Brush

This brush is an automatic brush powered by batteries, but this is waterproof, so you don’t have to be concern about it getting wet. This has two brush included, one is for deep cleansing and, for exfoliating. It also has a two-speed option.

I stay away from any physical exfoliator, but it is nice to deep cleanse my face once in a while. Also, when I use this, I make sure that I use a very nourishing cleanser to avoid getting irritations and or to make my face feel dry.

Overall, I really wouldn’t recommend the Soapwort cleanser because I find it drying, BUT I would recommend their cleansing brush as it is nice to have a deep cleansing device.


Products are available on my Charis Shop

Cleanser: https://hicharis.net/_heyitsmeroseanne/GCR

Brush: https://hicharis.net/_heyitsmeroseanne/GCS


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