Quick Review: Juice To Cleanse Powder Wash | Charis

There a lot of types of cleanser; gel, foam, cream, gel and now we have a powder.

Powder cleansers are just literally a powder packed with ingredients that you have to mix with water to create a paste and it will transform into a foamy cream. Usually, powder cleansers have powerful exfoliating properties. Powder cleansers are popular in Japan and Korea.

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The Juice to Cleanse Powder wash contains papain enzyme powder that is said to remove dead skin cells without irritation. This also has a couple of vegetables and fruit extracts such as Kale, Avocado, Cucumber, Green Tea and Broccoli. Aside from that, this also has pure vitamin C that helps with dull skin.

This cleanser is individually wrapped and I find that each pack can be consumed for at least 2-3 times since the powder lathers really nicely but since it is packed with Vitamin C, leaving it out in the open can cause it to oxidize. 

I was pleasantly awed that this cleanser really gave me a smooth and bright looking face after using it. It didn’t give a squeaky feeling which of course is good, but you must proceed to apply your toner immediately because it does give a tight feeling after a while.

This is a cleanser I would go for if I want that deep cleanse and a mild exfoliation. The ingredients are nice and I love how it has vitamin C. 


2 thoughts on “Quick Review: Juice To Cleanse Powder Wash | Charis

  1. Ha! It looks like something I should add to my drink. Bc it has fruit and veggies too! But I like that. What does it mean if it oxidizes?


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