Quick Review: Illiyoon Probiotics Skin Barrier Essence Drop

A moisturized skin is always in.

I tried the Illiyoon sheet mask before and I loved it so I was super excited to get my hands on this essence drop.


This essence drop has the following ingredients

  • Lacto skin complex or Lactobacillus that help purify your skin not only inside but also outside? It can help reduce your acne and at the same time soothe your skin. This can also help strengthen your skin barrier.
  • Madecassoside is a popular skincare ingredient that helps in soothing the skin.
  • Yoon Complex is a combination of medicinal herbs used in traditional Korean medicine. This is to help restore radiance of the skin

This essence drop has a very watery consistency that a little goes a long way. A few drops are enough for my face. It has a milky scent that for me isn’t too overpowering.

I like to use this when I feel like my face is feeling tight and dry. It just makes my face feel bouncy and overall feel nourished. This is that essence drop that doesn’t feel too tacky however it does take a minute for my skin to fully absorb it.

I like using this on a lazy night when I can’t go for a long routine; I just wash my face, tap on a toner, apply this essence and finish it with a cream. For the day time, I also use this because it doesn’t make my face feel heavy and doesn’t make my face produce more oil by the end of the day.

Overall, this is a great essence for all skin types. Since a little goes a long way, this is really worth every penny.

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