Illiyoon Lip and Eye Remover – A Gentle Cleanser for all Skin Types | Charis

Everyone who is into makeup needs at least one makeup remover in their stash. I have tried a couple of makeup remover but some products I just didn’t finish because it felt too heavy or oily.


The Illiyoon lip and eye remover are free from harsh ingredients such as animal – and mineral- derived ingredients and fragrance. This remover also has coconut oil and naturally fermented citron.

I would say that this has a consistency that is in the middle of micellar water and oil cleaner. It doesn’t feel too oily which I really like on a makeup remover. Since it doesn’t have any skin-irritating ingredients, this remover doesn’t sting the eyes. It is really gentle and leaves a light velvety finish.

However, it doesn’t completely remove stubborn tints such as those from Merzy. This is just a gentle makeup remover for light makeup.





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