Benton Let’s Carrot Multi Oil – A must-have multi oil for all skin concern

Benton continues to explore different ingredients to help our skin and now they will finally release their latest product the LET’S CARROT MULTI OIL. This is yet again a game-changer in my skincare because this was my first time incorporating carrot in my routine and plus I used this carrot oil not only in my face but also in other parts of my body especially my hair.

This is called a multi-oil because it promotes the use of this oil for different purposes. You can easily DIY (Do-it-yourself) products to vamp up the effect. I think we can all agree that multi-use products are the best because it really can make the most out of our money.


Weight: 30 ml

Description and Claims:

Carrot-orange active ingredients awaken deep skin glow from head to toe
Let’s Carrot Multi Oil contains plant-based oil and carrots from Germany which reduce dead skin cells, prevent moist loss from the dry parts of the skin, and supply rich nutrients, energizing the skin.

The Benton Let’s Carrot oil multi-oil contains German carrot ingredients and 99% naturally derived ingredients. This carrot oil is also EWG Green level, Dermatologically tested, Mildly Acidic pH, EU Compliance CPNP and cruelty-free.

Ingredients:  This product contains three key ingredients

  • Carrots: Carrot extract and carrot seed oil penetrates the harsh environment which means that this can help give nutrients to your skin, give hydration, and elasticity. Carrots contain Carotene that helps smooth out textures in your skin.
  • Beta- carotene: this is a pigmented nutrients found in plants and fruits such as carrots. its primary purpose is to protect the skin.
  • Tocopherel (Vitamin E): This helps prevent the oxidation of the product but most importantly helps protect your skin and promote skin vitality.

How to use:  Since this is a multi- oil, the possibilities are really endless but I am going to share to you what Benton suggests this product would be great for. Again you are not limited to the above DIYs, you can put this into any product or just use it as is.

From Benton

Packaging: The multi-oil is in a glass bottle with a dropper. As to any Benton products, this just has very simple and sleek packaging. What’s unique about the packaging of this product in the box. As Benton continues to be a responsible brand, the box of this serum is made out of 100% sugar cane and printed with soy ink. It is safe for the environment and can be biodegradable.

benton packaging
from Benton’s website

Effectiveness and other Experiences:

  • I first used this multi-oil as is after my moisturizer and it gave an extra nourishment in my skin. It also helped brighten my face and in the long run, gave me more glowy skin.  I like how light the oil is; it doesn’t give me that greasy feeling.
  • My hair suffers from dandruff and this did wonders for my hair. Ever since I incorporated two drops of oil into my shampoo it helped moistured my scalp and had less and less dandruff day by day.   If I am too lazy to bring my oil into my bathroom what I do is put oil directly into my scalp after I take a bath or when my hair is damp. This made my hair darker and also feel and look smooth. I can literally brush my hair with just my fingers after consistently applying the oil. Though I don’t recommend putting oil every day. I just use it twice a week for my scalp; one using the shampoo DIY and the other one is directly in my scalp.
  • I also like using this oil combining it with my favorite essence, this is when I am too lazy to layer products but want that extra boost of moisture and it totally works.
  • I also tried using this on areas of my body where there are dry patches and I also love it since again it is not greasy and doesn’t leave an uncomfortable tacky feeling.


Final Thoughts and Tips: 

  • This instantly is one of the best oils I have tried. I really love how it can be used in many ways.
  • I have tried it on my face, body, and scalp but I didn’t have any irritations. I also like that this doesn’t have any weird oil scent to it.
  • Though I don’t recommend putting oil on your scalp every day. I just use it twice a week for my scalp; one using the shampoo DIY and the other one is directly in my scalp.

Overall, totally would recommend this product. You will really get your money’s worth with this multi-oil. This has been really a game-changer for my scalp and my face.


Roseanne ❤



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Product was sent by Benton Cosmetics
All pictures are mine unless otherwise stated
Opinions are 100% honest to goodness
We all have different skin conditions and preference
What works for me might not work for you and vice versa


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