Althea Exclusive Makeup Line

Althea is really killing the game! Last year, they launched some skin care products and now at the start of this year, they teased us with a makeup line and here it is! I received their current full makeup collection early this month. I actually filmed a sit down get ready with me makeup look... Continue Reading →


Updated Morning Skincare Routine

I love doing my night skincare routine but there is just something in the morning that makes me so lazy to do a full routine. Now, I'm making sometime to finally do a  simple routine and when I say simple it really is simple.  These two products has been my favorites for this month,... Continue Reading →

Mask Review: QuickFx Liquid Ice

Look who's back for a new mask review! It has been a couple of months since my last mask review and it's not like I've not been masking, I still do use sheet mask here and there, but the thing is, I haven't tried anything that I find is worth sharing my thoughts but today... Continue Reading →

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