Blogmas 2018 #25: What I Got For Christmas–EXO GOODIES!

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope everyone is having a very happy Christmas this year. Today, I just want to quickly show you guys what I got for Christmas this year. EXO GOODIES Received some awesome EXO stickers, post cards and card boards! Guess who's decorating her wall tonight?! EXO DMUMT VIVACE VERSION Since this is from Korea, ... Continue Reading →


Blogmas 2018 #23: I’m sick and my current face mist rotation

Guess who's sick right before Christmas eve? ME! I was preparing everything for Christmas except my health but in my defense, the weather here is so crazy; blazing hot in the morning and just a down pour in the evening.  Kinda sucks because I have sore throat and flu which means I can't properly eat... Continue Reading →

Blogmas 2018 #18: Changes for 2019

As early as yesterday, I am already planning some changes in my social media accounts especially Instagram and of course my website and that is what's keeping me busy. My current feed is a mix of black, pink and rose gold while I really love it, I think it's about time to change. I'm claiming... Continue Reading →

Blogmas 2018 #17: Our Christmas Decor

I wasn't supposed to share our Christmas decor for this year and that is because it is almost the same as last year.  We just re-arranged some figurines and other decors in the shelves and that is about it. We actually did already decided to go for the classic red-gold theme but suddenly changed our... Continue Reading →

Blogmas 2018 #15: Vanity Clean up

The time has come to clean and re-organize my vanity area.  I actually did a de-clutter a few months ago but it is a bit crazy how much of a mess it has come since I have been receiving products here and there. Not complaining at all, I feel super blessed and thankful to the... Continue Reading →

Blogmas 2018 #14: Treats for Christmas

Unlike in other countries, here in the Philippines, we don't usually go trick or tricking. To be honest growing up I only went trick or tricking twice and those were during my senior years because it was juts starting to be a trend that time. So our family  decided that instead of giving out just... Continue Reading →

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