Hey Blog # 50: New Instagram and Blog theme

  I'm back even though I wasn't gone, I just became active on Instagram more and been trying out a different feed style. If you have noticed I also did a couple of changes in this website. I said good bye to my tropical theme and just went with a more safe theme and decided... Continue Reading →


Hey Blog #49: Box hoarding problem

Is it only me that keeps boxes or packing of makeup and skin care products? There are some of the boxes that I keep and I just can't throw them away and I don't know why but at the same time I don't want the products inside the boxes because they are all on display... Continue Reading →

Hey Blog # 42: Officially a CHARIS CELEB

So excited to share to you guys that I'm now part of Charis Celeb! For those hearing Charis for the first time, it is an online platform established in South Korea, wherein readers or subscribers of bloggers and influencers can easily buy their suggested products or brands by visiting their shop. CHARIS provides the optimal... Continue Reading →

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