Blogmas 2018 #14: Treats for Christmas

Unlike in other countries, here in the Philippines, we don't usually go trick or tricking. To be honest growing up I only went trick or tricking twice and those were during my senior years because it was juts starting to be a trend that time. So our family  decided that instead of giving out just … Continue reading Blogmas 2018 #14: Treats for Christmas


Blogmas 2018 #12 :My Althea Wishlist

Dear Santa, Maybe the elves are busy this year building some toys, but don't fret Santa! You can always buy me a present at Althea! I think I have been good this year and that is why I am also an   ALTHEA ANGEL so I would like some skincare items please. If you are confused … Continue reading Blogmas 2018 #12 :My Althea Wishlist