Quick Review: Sevendrops Soapwort Bubble Purifying soap Facial Foam & Miracle Cleansing Brush

Ever heard of soapwort before? I only first heard it when I saw the Sevendrops cleanser and brush, so I did some research and found out that SOAPWORT is a plant of the pink family, it has an aromatic scent that was commonly used in making soaps. Some of the benefits of soapwort includes fighting dark spots and aging; it also has a... Continue Reading →

Blogmas #25: What I got for Christmas

IF YOU DON'T LIKE THESE KIND OF POST OR BLOG ,FEEL FREE TO EXIT.  Christmas is really a time for giving, may it be intangible or tangible things. This year I r eceived both of them and would like to share to you the tangible things I got for Christmas! CHARLES AND KEITH WALLET  Loveee... Continue Reading →

How I clean my make up brush

Hello! Welcome back to my blog! If you’re new to my site please hit that subscribe button on my home page or if you are already subscribed, thank you and love you lots! This blog is dedicated to my make up brush! I want to show you guys how I clean them because a clean... Continue Reading →

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