Quick Review: Soon+ 5.5 Balancing Emulsion | Charis

In the famous 10 step Korean skincare routine,applying emulsions is part of that routine. Emulsions basically is like a moisturizer but it is light weight, non-sticky and water based. They provide an extra boost of moisture to the skin and helps maintain a healthy skin barrier. Unfortunately, not all emulsions are like that, I have... Continue Reading →


Quick Review: Aestura Therance 365 Soothing Emulsion

It's another review day for the brand AESTURA. I have tried and review 2 of their products from the Atobarrier 365 line so for today I'm going to introduce to you their other line which is the THERACNE 365 which was created for those who has acne prone skin. This line emphasizes  the total balance... Continue Reading →

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