Mask Review: Charis M+ Medeccassoside Cica Mask

I'm back with another sheet mask review, and today's sheet mask brand is someone who is new to the sheet mask game but not really in the whole Kbeauty world. Finally, Charis released their own line of skincare which included the M+ cream and the M+ mask. This refreshing cream type mask an outstanding... Continue Reading →


Review: Bonajour Eggplant Daily BHA Toner| Charis

Bonjour! Today's review is from the brand BONAJOUR. Bonajour is a Korean brand that has created different plant based line to cater to different skin concern. They are a certified vegan brand and they are continuously discovering differently unique high class natural ingredients for our skin. EGGPLANT DAILY BHA TONER Remove unnecessary keratin and soothes... Continue Reading →

Hey Blog # 42: Officially a CHARIS CELEB

So excited to share to you guys that I'm now part of Charis Celeb! For those hearing Charis for the first time, it is an online platform established in South Korea, wherein readers or subscribers of bloggers and influencers can easily buy their suggested products or brands by visiting their shop. CHARIS provides the optimal... Continue Reading →

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