Quick Review: Aestura Therance 365 Soothing Emulsion

It's another review day for the brand AESTURA. I have tried and review 2 of their products from the Atobarrier 365 line so for today I'm going to introduce to you their other line which is the THERACNE 365 which was created for those who has acne prone skin. This line emphasizes  the total balance... Continue Reading →


New products from Charis! (Mezy , Wing Bling and Allupbio)

I remember last year when I applied to be a Charis Celeb and when I got accepted, I was so happy to be a part of a community where my inspirations where also a part of. ⁣ ⁣ Now that I am a year old member, I think what I really love about community is... Continue Reading →

Hey Blog # 42: Officially a CHARIS CELEB

So excited to share to you guys that I'm now part of Charis Celeb! For those hearing Charis for the first time, it is an online platform established in South Korea, wherein readers or subscribers of bloggers and influencers can easily buy their suggested products or brands by visiting their shop. CHARIS provides the optimal... Continue Reading →

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