Blogmas 2018 #15: Vanity Clean up

The time has come to clean and re-organize my vanity area.  I actually did a de-clutter a few months ago but it is a bit crazy how much of a mess it has come since I have been receiving products here and there. Not complaining at all, I feel super blessed and thankful to the … Continue reading Blogmas 2018 #15: Vanity Clean up


Blogmas 2018 #13: Christmas gift wrapping Saga continues

We only have 12 more days until Christmas! Are you guys all set? Well for us we are now starting to finish wrapping gifts and double checking our list to make sure that we don't forget anyone. We really have a lot of gifts to wrap this year and seems like it's never ending. Also, … Continue reading Blogmas 2018 #13: Christmas gift wrapping Saga continues

HELLO 2018!

Hello 2018, please be awesome! I'm claiming that 2018 is going to be my year. It's my year; year of the earth dog and also the year ends in number "18" which is my birth date! Speaking of birthday, in just 17 days, I'm turning 23 already! I have a lot of plans here on … Continue reading HELLO 2018!