Blogmas 2018 #19: “Studio” clean up

Yesterday, I posted my 2019 preparation to change the layout of my Instagram feed, my photos, and logo. Basically, I will have a new theme for next year and with that I also decided to clean my "studio". This area was supposed to be my craft room since I love doing arts and crafts before... Continue Reading →


Blogmas 2018 #17: Our Christmas Decor

I wasn't supposed to share our Christmas decor for this year and that is because it is almost the same as last year.  We just re-arranged some figurines and other decors in the shelves and that is about it. We actually did already decided to go for the classic red-gold theme but suddenly changed our... Continue Reading →

Blogmas 2018 #14: Treats for Christmas

Unlike in other countries, here in the Philippines, we don't usually go trick or tricking. To be honest growing up I only went trick or tricking twice and those were during my senior years because it was juts starting to be a trend that time. So our family  decided that instead of giving out just... Continue Reading →

Initial Thoughts: I’m From Mugwort Mask |Wishtrend

Tried using my @imfrom_official mugwort mask last night that I got from @wishtrendstory@wishtrend and here are my initial thoughts.⁣ ⁣But first let’s discuss MUGWORTH. Mugwort are perennial plant that are native to China, Japan and Korea. These plants are rich in vitamins and minerals. Korean Mugwort are known to restore youthful skin snd has soothing properties.⁣ ⁣ ⁣  ... Continue Reading →

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