Quick Review: Soon+ 5.5 Balancing Emulsion | Charis

In the famous 10 step Korean skincare routine,applying emulsions is part of that routine. Emulsions basically is like a moisturizer but it is light weight, non-sticky and water based. They provide an extra boost of moisture to the skin and helps maintain a healthy skin barrier. Unfortunately, not all emulsions are like that, I have... Continue Reading →


Some By Mi Miracle Toner Vs. Derma Natufian Miracle Perfect Toner

It's time for another comparative review and this time I am going to share my thoughts about these two AHA BHA PHA toner. I have already posted a separate review of the Some By Mi toner meanwhile this is the first time that I am going to introduce the brand Derma Natufian and its own... Continue Reading →

New Brand Alert: Bell Flower

It's so amazing how many new brands are sprouting day by day. This sudden obsession of mine with skincare really started growing because I wasn't afraid of trying out different products from different brands. Every time I see a new brand on Instagram, I always feel the need to try them and to give chance... Continue Reading →

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