Hey Blog #62: Innisfree Festival Mall Grand Opening

Innisfree is a famous Korean cosmetic brand that houses different skincare and makeup line. They are famous for their Jeju Volcanic line and their Green tea seed line. I love using their Jeju volcanic clay mask and their sheet masks. As the brand continues to grow, they are opening more and more stores in the... Continue Reading →


Quick Review: Dermatology Madeca 21 Tecasol Cream | Charis

This year, I believe that Cica or Centella Asiatica has been my skin's best friend. My skin has been loving every Cica cream I have tried so far and that is because Cica is really meant to sooth and repair irritated skin. Today I'm going to share another cica cream that I have been loving,... Continue Reading →

Review: Bonajour Eggplant Daily BHA Toner| Charis

Bonjour! Today's review is from the brand BONAJOUR. Bonajour is a Korean brand that has created different plant based line to cater to different skin concern. They are a certified vegan brand and they are continuously discovering differently unique high class natural ingredients for our skin. EGGPLANT DAILY BHA TONER Remove unnecessary keratin and soothes... Continue Reading →

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