Hey Blog # 56: My love for Sheet Masks

One of my favorite step in my skincare routine is masking. Over the last couple of months I have been trying more and more different brands and variants and I am enjoy reviewing them. Anyway. Sheet masks has different benefits to the skin such as brightening, moisturizing, hydrating, and soothing. If you are new to... Continue Reading →

My Current Makeup Routine (August 2018)

I have been meaning to share to you guys my current makeup routine products for awhile now because I have been using and experimenting on combining different brands and products that I normally don't go for. Primer: For just an everyday look I usually don't use primer but I make sure that my face is... Continue Reading →

My everyday lipstick and tints

Today, I want to share to you guys my choice of lipstick and tints for an everyday look. These lipstick and tints are all affordable so you might want to try them also BLK MATTE LIPSTICK IN ELEGANT-  A perfect brown nude. I super love this lipstick because it's a very complimenting shade for my skin.... Continue Reading →

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