Blogmas 2018 #15: Vanity Clean up

The time has come to clean and re-organize my vanity area.  I actually did a de-clutter a few months ago but it is a bit crazy how much of a mess it has come since I have been receiving products here and there. Not complaining at all, I feel super blessed and thankful to the... Continue Reading →


Hey Blog #44: The evolution of my Vanity Area

I was cleaning my brushes when I suddenly thought of the days when I had no brushes at all and my definition of makeup collection is a pair of lipstick and a pressed powder. Who would have thought that I'll have my own makeup vanity. Started with just two layers of glass shelves and it... Continue Reading →

Hey Blog #16: Organizing my Vanity

Welcome to Hey blog! Hey Blog basically is where I share to you guys my day ,week, throw back stories or just about anything! This is my way of putting my memories to the interweb and for you to also get to know me a bit more. It's a never ending organizing of my vanity... Continue Reading →

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